Insurance Automation (beta v.01 - in progress)

In any insurance company, say it's a real estate, healthcare, or work related injuries, claims operations is one of the most critical functions. Reports say, insurance industry is estimated to lose $80 billion annually in the U.S. alone due to fraud. The value of accurate, diligent insurance claims processing can’t be underestimated. And that’s exactly where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help.

The intelligent bot "RoboCare", thats being developed at Up2date, can accomplish repetitive tasks more quickly, tirelessly and more accurately than humans. This, in turn, frees the human work force to focus on the tasks that require human strengths such as reasoning, judgment, and emotional intelligence, thus creating more value for their organizations.

RoboCare can significantly improve productivity, reduce costs and create a better customer experience by automating the tasks that are repetitive, rules-based and require no decision making or strategizing.

RoboCare is capable of integrating with the existing system/tool for financial reporting, contract management and eliminate erroneous manual tasks, save time and effort of the employees, and maximize business efficiency.

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